Injury prevention tips for over 40’s

After successfully completing another track athletics season (running distances from 100-800m) as a 41 year old, here are some of my tips to remaining injury free.

Whilst these tips are primarily to do with my sprint and middle distance running, they are applicable to all sporting pursuits:

Warm up:

Should look remarkably like the activity you are about to undertake.

  • For example, if you are warming up for golf and you are standing next to a swimming pool, someone who walks past should be able to tell you are warming up for golf, not swimming!

Should be active and gradually increasing in intensity towards the pace you intend to train at.


During training:

  •  Work up in intensity and load during a training period – don’t hit week 1 of training at full intensity.
  • Don’t rush – take enough break time between repetitions, particularly if training at high intensity.
  • Quality is usually better than quantity – don’t be afraid to do less repetitions if feeling fatigued. Fatigue can lead to injury.

After training:

  • Take an extra day off training if required – especially as you are getting older.
  • Attend to niggles in your body before they develop into a bigger injury by getting treatment and advice at Blackburn Osteopathy.




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