Keep Moving At Home

With Melbourne in the midst of a second wave of COVID-19, working and studying from home is looking likely to continue for some time. Since the work from home orders in March we have seen an increase in patients presenting with neck and back pain from sitting all day. A whole new level of sedentary is showing itself.

One of the biggest factors in this new sedentary lifestyle is the removal of almost all incidental exercise. There is no commute to work, no walk to the train station, no walking up stairs to the office, no walking between meeting and no walking to a coworker’s desk. There’s even no need to move your head to look at someone in a meeting now. All of these factors are leading to us seeing our patients sitting at their desk and not moving an inch all day. I don’t need to be an Osteopath to tell you that this isn’t good for us.

What can we do to avoid this extreme sedentarism? TAKE A BREAK FROM SITTING!!! I can’t stress this enough. Even if it is for 10 seconds, stand up and walk around your office. Can you stand or walk when on a phone call? Can you stand when in a zoom meeting? Adjustable height (sit/stand) desks are great for this. If possible with your work or study try to schedule in some short breaks to go for a walk outside, it will be fantastic for your physical and mental health.

In previous blogs we have lots of information about home ergonomics setup and on our Facebook and Instagram pages there are loads of great videos about stretches you can perform in the home office.

At Blackburn Osteopathy we are still open and have appointments Monday – Saturday. If you need us, we are here for you.

Dr Bret Murray – Osteopath

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