Acute Lower Back Pain

Acute Lower Back Pain – Osteo Clinic Newsletter 2018 February

The lower back is the area of the spine between the bottom of the ribs and the pelvis. There are five movable lumbar vertebrae with discs in between them. They are supported by strong surrounding muscles and ligaments with spinal nerves existing between each of the vertebrae. The pelvis articulates with the spine and provides additional stability and support for the spine.

Low back pain is a very common problem – statistics show that 8 out of 10 Australians suffer from back pain at some time. It can be so painful that becomes extremely debilitating.

It is important to consult an Osteopath as soon as possible to assist with pain relief and improve movement. Osteopaths are experts in the assessment of musculoskeletal injuries, especially acute low back pain. They will provide a thorough examination to ascertain the structures responsible for your pain. Your Osteopath will also discuss the treatment options with you.

Some treatment options may include:

  • Joint mobilisation & manipulation
  • Pain management – Advice on pain relief strategies
  • Ice/Cold therapy
  • Therapeutic Exercises
    • Stretching tight muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments
    • Core stability exercises to improve bracing muscles
    • Teaching and prescription of a home exercise program to assist in recovery and prevent re-occurrence
  • Pelvic alignment techniques
  • Soft tissue massage
  • Dry needling acupuncture
  • Muscle energy techniques
  • Activity modification advice
  • Biomechanical correction
  • Ergonomic advice
  • Massage
  • Stretching
  • A gradual return to activity program

Treatment of the underlying cause will not only resolve your acute low back pain, but prevent it from coming back again. If you’re suffering from acute low back pain, please don’t delay. The earlier you see an Osteopath, the quicker they can help get your back pain under control and get you back to work, sport and life.

Stretch of the Month

The Pelvic Tilt

When you’re suffering from lower-back pain, you might feel as if your entire pelvic area is immovable. This stretch can help you start to bring some movement back to this area gently.


  1. Begin by lying on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
  2. Try to relax your low back, keeping it in a neutral position (which means you should feel a slight curve in your low back if you place the top of your hand under your back).
  3. Turn “on” your core muscles and then flatten your low back against the floor by slightly tilting your pelvis upward.
  4. Repeat 12 to 15 times.

Towards Wellness

Simple Mindfulness Tip

Simple mindfulness techniques can help you manage stress and achieve more balance in your life. Set aside some time every day to practice deep breathing exercises. Focus on breathing deeply down into your tummy using your diaphragm to expand your lungs fully. This helps you to de-stress and promotes relaxation.


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