Summer is coming, are you ready?

After a long winter huddled inside by the fire, eating far too much comfort food (guilty) and easing off from regular exercise, spring has peeked its head around the corner again. Like clockwork, with the sunny weather suddenly spark of motivation creeps back up and the urge to get into shape for summer begins!

So where do we start? Those first few weeks are an absolute killer, we all know this.  But I’m here to tell you some good news – you don’t have to completely exhaust yourself to reap the benefits of exercise.  Just remember, if you have had more of a “relaxed” winter don’t expect to be at the same fitness level as before.  After taking a step back for a few months there are bound to be a few teething issues.  Here are some recommendations to avoid any injury:

1. Ease back into exercise:

If your goal is running, start by breaking it up, set small goals to begin with and work on. Document your time, how far you run, give yourself something to work on.

2. Check your equipment:

Shoe-ware is very important as shoes provide the foundations of support through our whole lower body. Though some of us tend to grow attached to our old faithful runners, make sure to check them out properly, do they provide support, cushioning?  Are they worn down, tattered?  What better motivator than new active ware to get moving!

3. Book a trainer:

If you are starting up at a gym, book in a few sessions with a personal trainer; they will run you through proper technique and form and can write up a programme designed to help you reach your fitness goals. Ease into weights; start light and gradually increase, get your form down pat before venturing into any heavy lifting.

Don’t let exercise teething issues stop you from reaching your goals – if you are suffering new or old aches and pains book in today for assessment and treatment to keep you moving!

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