Benefits of Hobbies

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We all know how fun hobbies can be. Did you know they are also great for our mental and physical health? Whether it be knitting, reading, woodworking, gardening, painting, playing an instrument or dancing, they all have benefits.

Modern life can be busy and stressful. Having a hobby is a great way to not only get away from this stress, but make you better at dealing with stress. Hobbies promote eustress (you-stress) which is a beneficial type of stress on our body and mind. Much in the same way as exercising makes you physically fitter, exposure to eustress helps us deal with stress in daily life.

Studies into creative hobbies have shown regular participants report improved mood, increased self esteem and reduced stress. Similar studies into physical hobbies have shown better sleep, increased energy levels, improved mood, lower hospital admissions and increased social involvement.

New hobbies come with even more benefits. Learning new skills helps improve learning speed, productivity, adaptation to change and reduces dementia risk.

Now you know all benefits of having a hobby, try to make some time for your hobby knowing that it is good for your health.

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