Dr Lisa Timms on getting through a day at the desk

Getting through a day at the desk.


Anybody in an office understands the perils of desk work; there is nothing easy about sitting motionless in front of a computer for eight plus hours a day, five days a week.  But why exactly is this so hard on our bodies?

Sitting with poor posture puts strain on the intricate balance of the network of bones, ligaments and muscles that keeps us functioning.  Though short term we can manage very well, sitting for hours on end has its consequences.  When we can no longer hold position, muscles may tighten and create muscular trigger points, or knots.  These can cause an achey tight feeling and when bad enough, even referral into headaches, spreading the feeling of tightness and pain.

But, fear less, as there are many things you can do, and not do to prevent desk pain!

Here are some do NOTs:

  • Leaning on elbows
  • Sitting cross legged
  • Hunching forward
  • Not taking breaks

Here are some DO’s:

  • Maintain upright posture
  • Adjusting computer height to eye level
  • Adjusting chair hight so feet are flat on the ground, hips just above knees
  • Walking on your breaks!  Not only does that help to get everything moving, you will come back to work feeling refreshed!

Counteract the round shoulders with

  • Shoulder blade squeezes
  • Door frame pec stretches
  • Neck stretching

As they say, sitting is the new smoking!

If you are struggling with headache, neck and shoulder pain be sure to book in with one of our friendly Osteopaths at Blackburn Osteopathy for assessment and individualised management.  Call 03 9878 3122 or book online at Blackburn Osteopathy.

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