Did you know Medicare can give rebates for up to 5 Osteopathic Treatments every year?

Did you know you can get 5 treatments rebated by Medicare per year with an osteopath under the Chronic Disease Management plan?

If you have a chronic medical condition, you can be eligible for up to 5 rebated sessions with an osteopath under a Chronic Disease Management Referral (previously known as an EPC or Enhanced Primary Care plan). The Medicare rebate for these sessions is usually $56 per session (or if you’ve exceeded the Medicare safety net for the year, it will be rebated at a much higher rate). To be eligible, you must have:

  • A chronic medical condition which has been present for 6+ months.  This can be any chronic musculoskeletal condition like headaches, ongoing back pain, sciatica, ongoing sporting injuries, arthritis.  Many of our patients are eligible for this.
  • At at least 2 other medical or allied health practitioners involved in your care (in addition to your GP).  This can mean your osteopath, your GP, and then you need one other practitioner in your team such as a podiatrist, psychologist, specialist.  Most patients meet this criteria as well.

It’s a great way for you to get reduced osteopathic care, and it’s a great way for your medical team to work together to help you as we are obliged under the arrangement to write to your GP and inform them about your condition.

Come into Blackburn Allied Health Clinic and talk to a Blackburn osteopath about this if you need further information, or talk with your GP.

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