Do you suffer jaw pain?

Are you having difficulties chewing food, opening or closing your mouth, jaw clicking or popping, or pain in the jaw or in front of the ear?  You may be suffering from TMD – Temperomandibular Joint Disorder. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofascial Health and research, TMD affects around 5-12% of the population and is twice as likely to affect women than it is men.

What causes TMD?

Our TMJ’s (Temporomandibular joints) are situated on either side of our face just in front of our ears.  The TMJ is similar to a sling, comprised of a specialised bony structure which is held in place by very strong muscles such as the masseter and temporalis. This allows us to chew, talk and eat with ease. The TMJ also contains a shock absorbing disc that creates a smooth transition when opening and closing the mouth.

When this disc becomes compromised, mal-aligned or damaged, pain and TMD may result. Damage can be caused through direct trauma to the face, osteoarthritis, jaw clenching (Bruxism).

Other causes for jaw / face pain may include:

Muscular dysfunction or trigger points, dental issues (make sure you are up to date with all your dental appointments!) and ear infection, to name a few.

What can be done about your jaw pain?

If your jaw pain is due to biomechanical causes, Osteopathic treatment may be directed at imbalances of the facial and jaw muscles, postural and neck issues that may contribute and personalised home care advice.

With 30 minute appointment times, our friendly Osteopaths at Blackburn Osteopathy are able to perform a thorough case history and examination to determine the cause of your fascial or jaw pain, and will refer where necessary.

You do not need a referral from your GP or specialist to make an appointment, call reception on 9878 3122 or book in online at Blackburn Osteopathy

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