Why do people see us?

I’ve recently been asked by a number of patients what is the most common area of the body that people seek attention for at Blackburn Osteopathy.

As such, I’ve checked back through the first 2 months of this year and come up with the following list from the most common reason to the least.

Lower back/pelvis – 30.2%

Upper/middle back – 22.5%

Neck – 19.3%

Shoulder – 7.3%

Hip – 6.1%

Headache – 4.9%

Knee – 2.9%

Foot/ankle – 2%

Elbow – 2%

Leg – 1.6%

Wrist/hand – 1.2%

Of course, a number of the patients that visited Blackburn Osteopathy had more than 1 area of pain and there is some crossover between things like neck pain and headaches. For the purpose of this article, I only listed the main complaint.

Dr Brad Robinson, Osteopath

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