Footy is back – Hot topic – Concussion



With the Women’s AFL season underway and the Men’s and local competitions to begin soon, I took a look at the most common injury data on the AFL website and found some interesting things.

Once again the most common cause of missing games is hamstring injuries. Keep those hamstrings looked after local players!

One of the main increases in missed games is due to concussion – a very hot topic in sport and the media around the world at the moment.  There is a belief that the increase in missed games is due to better management of both short and long term symptoms and taking a cautious approach to concussion management.


We at Blackburn Osteopathy hope that local footballers are following the trends set at the elite level and treating all concussion type episodes seriously and seeking medical help where required.

Research shows that the most at risk groups for concussion appear to be:

  • Adolescents in the 13-18 year age bracket.
  • Women are more susceptible than men.
  • Those with a previous history of concussion.

Blackburn Osteopathy wishes good luck to all men, women and junior footballers in their 2020 seasons and we hope that the injury rates are low and that your heads and hamstrings are well looked after.


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