Pregnancy Massage at BAHG

Pregnancy Massage now offered at BAHG.

A huge thanks to our truly amazing Myotherapist/Remedial Massage Therapist Lauren Torpey who is now offering pregnancy massage in the clinic.

Lauren has been with us for a couple of years, and for those who have experienced her healing hands, she is truly amazing.  Lauren is a wonderful person, and an excellent clinician.

For the month of August 2023, Lauren is offering $20 off anyone who is pregnant and would like to visit Lauren.

Pregnancy is a very exciting and sometimes challenging time for woman. It creates many physical and emotional challenges. At Blackburn Allied Health Group, we will customise treatments to your needs, keeping you safe, secure, and comfortable.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy, woman experience anatomical, physiological, and psychological change. Massage can help support these changes. Other benefits include:

  • Eases joint and muscular conditions common in pregnancy.
  • Increased relaxation and stress reduction
  • Reduction in oedema.
  • Improved proprioception to support body changes.
  • Improved energy, circulation, and sleep.

What to expect from a pregnancy massage

  • An initial consultation, we discuss all options with you and may do a risk assessment to ensure you don’t have any pre-existing conditions where you may not be advised to receive massage.
  • Remedial massage techniques, such as long strokes for tight muscles.
  • Deep tissue massage, using moderate pressure focusing on problem areas.
  • Assistance with posture and breathing techniques.
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