Tight hamstrings? Try this stretch variation!




Are you having trouble with relentlessly tight hamstrings? Can’t straighten your leg out enough to get the proper stretch?  Quite often when we perform a hamstring stretch, it is with our leg and knee completely straight.  This will give a deep stretch under the knee, however not so much though the muscle belly.




Try this variation:


Find a small step or ledge and place one foot on it. Keep a wide stance between your legs.
Next, lean forward at your hips, keeping your knee bent and your back straight.

Hold this stretch for about 20-30 seconds on each leg.

It may also help to stretch out other muscles before attempting a hamstring stretch as our muscles work together as a team to get our body moving; if one part isn’t working you can almost guarantee the other muscles in the team aren’t functioning properly either.



Here are some stretches you can try:








Remember to keep hydrated and keep your body moving!


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