Blackburn Osteopathy tries Tai Chi!

With Brad having a patient that enjoys and feels the health benefits of Tai Chi he decided to organise a beginner class for our osteopaths at our local Tai Chi centre, Tai Chi for Life.

Master Tang has been running Tai Chi for Life in Springvale Rd for just over 20 years and he warmly welcomed us into his studio to join his other students for our class.

The 6 of us in attendance followed Master Tang as he demonstrated and performed the moves in front of the class with flow and grace (unlike us) and gave instructions where and when required.

It definitely took us some time to “slow down and relax the tension in our bodies” but as the class progressed there was noted improvement in all of our technique and capacity to “flow”.

Everyone involved enjoyed the class and all felt benefit from attending. Some comments after included:

  • My middle back feels a lot looser
  • I feel like I have more energy
  • My balance needs improving
  • I feel pretty good after that
  • This would be appropriate for people of all ages, including seniors

So, if you’ve been thinking about doing Tai Chi or you’ve never even considered it, we at Blackburn Osteopathy would definitely say, Give it a try.

Photo showing Nicole, Phil and Bret in action.

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